University Archives and Records Management Programme (UARMP)

Welcome to the website of the University Archives & Records Management Programme


This programme is unique in that while it is an integrated cross campus one based on common standards and practices, itis also characterized by a high level of decentralization. This happens at the campus level as each record manager is responsible to her/hisregistrar for the maintenance of the programme on the particular campus.

My main objective in directing and co-ordinating the Programme is to ensure that it contributes to the good governance of the University through the effective management of its records in all formats.  The Programme is predicated on the premise that University Records constitute a valuable asset and investment which should be managed well in order to pay dividends in today‚Äôs Information Age. We feel therefore that the Programmeis a vital ingredient in helping the University to:

  • Achieve its strategic goals
  • Ensure efficiency as well as accountability in its operations
  • Comply with legal and contractual obligations
  • Preserve the memory of the institution for future generations

The University has played a leading role in the development of archives in its member countries. We are therefore cognizant of our role of serving as a centre of excellence in the region for the development of archives and records management programmes.  The website therefore will show the work we are doing and will provide a glimpse of the rich amount of materials we hold not only on the University but on the region as a whole.

We look forward to your comments and suggestions. 

John A Aarons
University Archivist