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CQ Vol. 62, No.2 cover

CQ Volume 62, No. 2 (June 2016)







  • Kim Robinson-Walcott


ARTIST’S VOICE – Alicia Brown


  • Mimicry and Acceptance


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  • The Emergency of Trinidad: Late Colonialism and the Work of the Sovereign Mimic – Glenn A.E. Griffin
  • Black Liberation Theology and Its Impact on Garvey and the UNIA/ACL – Dave Gosse
  • Consuming Slavery? Santiago de Cuba’s El Barracón Restaurant – Rudyard Alcocer
  • Resistance through ‘Robber Talk’: Storytelling Strategies and the Carnival Trickster – Emily Zobel Marshall
  • Ladies Dressed as Men Dressed as Ladies:  Collective Memory, ‘Repertoire’ and Innovation in Post-Volcano Montserrat Masquerade – Linda L. Sturtz 
  • Literary Festival Tourism in Montserrat – Gracelyn Cassell



  • Hovering – Thomas Reiter



  • The Praedial Larcenist – Andrew J. Skerritt




  • Maurice St Pierre, Eric Williams and the Anticolonial Tradition: The Making of a Diasporan Intellectual – Reviewed by Bridget Brereton
  • Ronald Angelo Johnson, Diplomacy in Black and White: John Adams, Toussaint Louverture, and Their Atlantic World Alliance – Reviewed by Evan C. Rothera
  • Anne Fountain, Jose Marti, the United States, and Race – Reviewed by Judith Soares
  • Richard S. Dunn, A Tale of Two Plantations: Slave Life and Labor in Jamaica and Virginia – Reviewed by Steven Heise
  • Emily Zobel Marshall, Anansi’s Journey: A Story of Jamaican Cultural Resistance – Reviewed by Desrine Bogle
  • Shalini Puri, The Grenada Revolution in the Caribbean Present: Operation Urgent Memory – Reviewed by Candia Hall
  • Vanessa Pérez Rosario, Becoming Julia de Burgos: The Making of a Puerto Rican Icon – Reviewed by Rosamond S. King
  • Rudy Insanally, Dancing Between the Raindrops: A Dispatch from a Small State Diplomat – Reviewed by Knolly Moses


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