The UWI Regional Headquarters

Conference and Meeting Facilities

The University of the West Indies Regional Headquarters offers a unique meeting and conference facility experience that features a large reconfigurable Council Room, 2 meeting rooms and a reconfigurable Seminar Room.

We offer a selection of quality audio-visual equipment including LCD Projectors, Speaker systems, microphones, Flipcharts, Easels and overhead projectors.

Event coordination is made easy with a procurable inventory of stages, lecterns and more. In addition there is accommodation for a secretariat and business office space for associated meetings and conferences.

Reconfigurable Seminar Rooms

The room features internet access and can be arranged across all conference layout styles. With an area of 1221 square feet, it can be reconfigured into two spaces of 610 square feet each. In addition for seminar use, it is an ideal space for breakout sessions of large conferences, and can be used for small art or trade show exhibits.


  • Adjacent to Entrance Lobby and Dining Hall
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Internet access
  • Projection Screens
  • Wireless Internet



Full Seminar Room
Daily Rate:     US$555.00
Hourly Rate (Minimum 4 hours):       US$110.00

Seminar Room East or Seminar Room West
Daily Rate:    US$290.00
Hourly Rate: (Minimum 4 hours):      US$60.00

  • seminar_room1
  • seminar_room2

Meeting Rooms

The Dr. Aleem Mohammed Meeting Room and The Ramson Meeting Room, each has an area of 1,061 square feet and can be arranged across all conference layout styles. In addition to conference use, the meeting rooms can host all types of events from product launch to small art or trade show exhibits. These meeting rooms can also be used as break-out rooms for large international conferences. The rooms have an expanse of natural daylight afforded by its glass “rotunda” feature with access to a large patio (1232 Square Feet) overlooking the Long Mountain Forest Reserve.


  • Flat floored, seats up to 60 persons (theatre style)
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Internet access
  • Wireless Internet
  • Plenty of natural daylight
  • Adjacent mezzanine with wet bar


Daily Rate:     US$500.00
Hourly Rate (Minimum 4 hours):       US$75.00

  • meeting_room
  • meeting_room237305d8254b96094b334ff00006138be

The Eon Nigel Harris Council Room


  • Reconfigurable into one two or three rooms with independent videoconferencing and multimedia capabilities
  • Projectors and projection screens in each reconfigured room
  • Wireless desk microphones with integrated speakers
  • 4 LCD Screens
  • Wireless Internet
  • Translation facility (English and one other language)
  • Integration capabilities for sound and translations
  • Live Streaming capability
  • Fully air-conditioned


Daily Rate:     US$1,800.00
Hourly Rate (Minimum 4 hours):       US$250.00

Capacities (Each Reconfigurable Room)

Area 3375
Dimensions 45' x 75'
Ceiling Height 9'
Theatre 120
Hollow Square 68

  • presidential-visit
  • presidential-visit-2 (2)
  • council_room2
  • classroom643f608254b96094b334ff00006138be
  • council_room

The Neal & Massey Lounge

The elegant, spacious lounge provides a breakout area for the council members and attendees at major conferences and meetings, and is an ideal venue for morning and afternoon refreshments, standing finger buffets and drinks receptions, and small banquets.


  • A view of the Blue Mountains hills including New Castle
  • Comfortable seating
  • Expanse of natural daylight afforded by its glass “rotunda” feature
  • Built-in wet bar
  • LCD screen
  • Proximity to Secretariat Offices and Council Room


Daily Rate:     US$450.00
Hourly Rate (Minimum 4 hours):       US$95.00

  • louncge
  • council_lounge2

The Council Foyer


  • Adjacent to Council and Meeting Rooms
  • Display Area
  • Registration Area
  • Morning and Afternoon refreshments


Daily Rate:     US$320.00
Hourly Rate (Minimum 4 hours):       US$70.00

  • foyer2
  • foyer

Dining Hall and Entrance Lobby

The Dining Hall with its professionally equipped kitchen encompasses an area of 1254 square feet and has an adjacent patio of 1232 square feet. It is an ideal space for hosting lunch breaks during conferences and meetings. The Dining Hall has an expanse of natural daylight afforded by its glass rotunda feature and access to large patio which can be used for alfresco dining. Both areas can accommodate both informal and formal events, including banquets and cocktail parties, or tea parties.


  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Wireless Internet
  • Adjacent to fully equipped professional kitchen
  • Adjacent to Entrance Lobby
  • Plenty of natural daylight
  • Adjacent to Elevator Lobby which can be used as an “overflow” inside area for additional dining

Dining Hall Charges

Daily Rate: US$1300
Hourly Rate (Minimum 4 hours): US$175.00

Entrance Lobby Charges

Hourly Rate (Minimum 4 hours): US$175.00
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  • lobbya6735f8254b96094b334ff00006138be

Summary Capacity

Capacity Summary

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The Regional Headquarters Building,
2 Hermitage Road, Kingston 7

 Tel:  1-876-977-2407 or 1-876-977-3325

Steps To Booking The Facility

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