About Us

UWI Solutions for Developing Countries, UWI SODECO, is a research organisation established by The University of the West Indies. The twin foci of UWI SODECO are medical research and socio- economic research. UWI SODECO addresses research questions in these fields whose answers have a proximate opportunity to improve human health, wealth and wellbeing in developing countries. UWI SODECO was established in January 2013 and began operations in May 2013. Its medical research programme has as a primary goal, the elucidation of mechanisms underlying the explosive onset of obesity and its co-morbid chronic cardio-metabolic diseases like hypertension and diabetes in populations from poor countries who have been undernourished for generations. Research questions are chosen so that answers will facilitate the uptake of discovery research into novel interventions to ameliorate the obesity and related chronic disease epidemics.  UWI SODECO’s socio-economic research has recently focused on getting appropriate regulatory and technical solutions for the implementation of mobile financial services. Having such services available nationwide on cell phones could facilitate commerce, financial inclusion and add significantly to the GDP. UWI SODECO is currently focused in this sphere on strategies to effectively harness science and technology to help drive economic activity. UWI SODECO, On the cutting edge of innovation! Cutting edge solutions always! Global Perspective, National Action