The Importance of Drivers

Our drivers play a central role in each research project that we undertake. Once a volunteer agrees to participate in a study, we must get them to come in to our facilities to engage in a range of activities such as interviews, physical measurements or follow-up visits.  In order to relieve our study participants of the burden of public transportation, our drivers transport them in marked University vehicles to our facilities, and take them home at the end of each visit. This simple provision of transportation vastly improves voluntary participation in our studies, and vastly improves retention rates.  As simple as this arrangement sounds, it only works well because of the professionalism and dedication of our drivers. Our drivers are the face of UWI SODECO in the communities in which we work, as they are the ones who first interact with our study participants at the start of each day. The drivers often set the tone for the participants' experience each morning. The drivers at UWI SODECO have developed a good rapport with our study participants, and the participants will often confide in the drivers, and speak to them about any issue with which they are faced.  The drivers listen attentively and without judgement. We are fortunate to have a good team of drivers, which consists of  Mark Dennis, Devon Ford, Clarence Bliss.

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