Sarcopenia is defined as progressive age related involuntary loss of muscle mass and function.  Between the ages of 50 and 80, muscle mass is reduced by approximately one-third, resulting in significant frailty and decrease of muscle strength and the potential risk of metabolic syndrome.

Sarcopenia has far reaching consequences for the elderly, including impaired physical functions, increased risk of falls resulting in fractures. The outcomes can be significant dependency, and in some cases, death.

This study has two parts:

1.         Looking at how exercise increases muscle mass and fitness in persons with sarcopenia.

2.         Looking at the effects of exercise on skeletal muscle protein synthesis and breakdown rates in persons with sarcopenia.

One of the big challenges of these studies is the low 5% incidence of Sarcopenia in Jamaica.  This means that a very large number of persons have to screened in order to get a large enough sample size.

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