About the Faculty of SPORT

The Faculty of Sport, made up of four Academies of Sport based on the Cave Hill, Mona, Open and St. Augustine campuses, integrates teaching and research, professional development, community partnerships, and co- and extra-curricular student sport through three main units:

  • Professional Programmes,
    Outreach & Projects Unit
  • Co-curricular &
    Intramural-Activity Unit
  • Academic Programme &
    Activity Unit


Professor Sir Hilary Beckles

It gives me great pleasure that our University's Faculty of Sport is a reality.

The Faculty of Sport marks the first of many highlights in the University's 70th year anniversary; a truly celebratory occasion since our University's last faculty was established some 40 years ago. After three scores and ten, it is pivotal that we continue to bring new life into the institution as we work towards a strategic vision of revitalizing Caribbean development.

Through this new faculty, the University has undertaken the responsibility to ensure the enhancement of sporting excellence that characterizes our Caribbean nations and build upon this reputation to become an internationally-recognized teaching, research and training centre in sport and sports-related disciplines. This University faculty consolidates the sporting programmes currently offered on all four campuses of The UWI - including training from certificate to masters in the pedagogy of sport - under a One UWI umbrella of knowledge. What a remarkable time for our University to demonstrate the potential of sport as a catalyst for development in the region through this faculty. Our extraordinary region has made incredible contributions to sport.

No other civilization has produced as many sportsmen and sportswomen per capita as the Caribbean and it is an honour for The UWI to continue to contribute to this legacy. Our University is well on its way to becoming known as a centre for sporting excellence.

From the DEAN

Dr Akshai Mansingh

The launching of the Faculty of Sport is an exciting time for The University of the West Indies as it recognizes sport to be one of the strongest assets of the region. This is The UWI’s way of ensuring that the legacy remains. I am honoured to be charged with the task of making this happen across all four campuses.

The Faculty will not only aim to maintain the excellence of those who play sport but also those who play at sport. We aim to offer athletes the tools for achieving their full sporting potential by utilizing modern methods of training the body and mind. But we equally wish to offer opportunities to those involved in research around sport, which is a vital part of building not just an athlete, but also the Faculty.

Harnessing the expertise in all our campuses will allow us to reach all students and athletes in the region interested in sport, and is a commitment to the One UWI path.


Academic Year 2017-18

Cave Hill

  • BSc Sports Sciences
  • MSc Sports Sciences
  • Certificate in Management and Administration of Sport


  • Diploma in Sports Business Management
  • MSc Sports Business Management
  • Co-curricular courses:
    • COCR2005 - Netball
    • COCR2008 - Track and Field
    • COCR2004 - Football
    • COCR2003 – Cricket


Certificate in Physical Education

St. Augustine

Certificate in the Art and Science of Coaching


  • I extend my personal congratulations to all who made this timely development possible and for making a most suitable choice to become the first head of the Faculty, Dr Akshai Mansingh.

    The Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit
    Prime Minister of Dominica
  • CDB extends best wishes for the success of The UWI’s newest faculty. We remain committed to partnering with The University of the West Indies on this and other innovative initiatives to drive economic and social transformation in the Caribbean.

    Dr William Warren Smith
    President, Caribbean Development Bank
  • I welcome news of the establishment of a Faculty of Sports. This development will significantly complement the Government's policy of cementing Sports as a key emerging sector that can contribute to the economic development of Barbados while offering our youth avenues for career enhancement.

    The Hon. Stephen Lashley, M.P.
    Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth
    Government of Barbados
  • In years to come I believe sports will be an even greater contributor, not only to our unity and pride as a people, but an even greater source of foreign direct investment, employment generation and greater development. My wish is that this faculty becomes the centre of excellence across the world in sports.

    The Most Hon. Andrew Holness
    Prime Minister, Jamaica

Honorary Graduates

  • Sir Vivian Richards

    Legendary West Indies Cricketer
  • Courtney Walsh

    Legendary West Indies Cricketer
  • Sir Clyde Walcott

    Legendary West Indies Cricketer
  • Sir Everton Weekes

    Legendary West Indies Cricketer
  • Glen Lebert Livingston Mills

    Leading Track & Field Coach
  • Merlene Ottey

    Olympic Sprint Champion
  • Usain Bolt

    Olympic Sprint Champion
  • Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

    Olympic Sprint Champion
  • Brian Lara

    Legendary West Indies Cricketer
  • Dr Julian R Julian Hunte, OBE

    Former President of the West Indies Cricket Board and former President of the United Nations General Assembly
  • Alloy Lequay

    Former Politician & Cricket Administrator