Roll out of SharePoint and Executive Dashboard enables a culture of working together

Apr 22, 2015

The Executive Dashboard was extended to increase the category of reports offered including briefing reports for significant university meetings such as F&GPC which contains a consolidation of each set of reports shared with meeting stakeholders.  In this area  focus was on wider distribution and awareness of the Executive Dashboard.   Data quality initiatives at the Mona campus were also initiated 

The installation and roll out of the SharePoint, a secure collaboration platform was undertaken during this period.  This project has the potential to change the culture of how departments (including cross-campus departments) work with and share information resources. 

There have also been enhancements in features of the repositories used for University meetings.  The self-service feature for University meeting repositories was introduced. This allowed administrators of University meetings to upload documents in a secure environment and allowed users to download all document with zip feature. 

This project supports the internal operational processes perspective of the UWI Strategic Plan


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