University Office of 
Planning & Development

The Development function within the UOPD is expected to support the University of the West Indies with the tools required for attaining funding targets for capacity building/non-research projects, as envisioned in the 2012-2017 Strategic Plan. There are four main methods used by the Development Officer, who also works closely with the University Project Management Office and other fund-raising offices within the University, to facilitate UWI non-research funding;
  • Monitor and Report on the lending priorities of development and other funding agencies
  • Assist with the preparation of non-research project proposals for submission to funding agencies;
  • Monitor and Evaluate development projects (capacity and capacity building) across the University in the context of the University Strategic Plan;
  • Engage in research relevant to institutional advancement and development of the University
  • Liaise with units/departments within the University which are involved in development- related activities