University Office of 
Planning & Development

Institutional Research

The UOPD undertakes a variety of institutional research activities to support university planning and decision-making. These include a variety of analytic activities and research projects.

These studies review certain trends relating student applications and acceptance rates, new university admissions, total enrolment, university admission scores, good honours, top ten feeder institutions and external research grants.

These reports examine the political, economic and social space in which the post-secondary or tertiary education sector operates and identifies the implications for the University.

Country Brief - Barbados. Cave Hill Campus. (Aug- 2013 – February 2014)

Country Brief - Jamaica. Mona Campus. (Jan-June 2014)
Country Brief - Jamaica. Mona Campus. (July-Dec 2013)

Trinidad and Tobago
Country Brief - Trinidad & Tobago. St. Augustine Campus. (Jan-June 2014)
Country Brief - Trinidad & Tobago. St. Augustine Campus. (July-Dec 2013)

Open Campus Country Sites
Country Brief - OCCS. Open Campus. (July 2013 – March 2014)

These policy briefs identify and analyse key issues in higher education that are relevant to the University’s planning and development functions and discuss the strategic implications and opportunities for the University.

The UOPD coordinates and/or undertakes a number of surveys which relate to students, graduates and employers.  The Reports of some of the surveys conducted are:   



In 2011, the UOPD began hosting a seminar series to share and discuss, with the University community, the research done by staff of the Office. Guest speakers are invited to speak on topics integral to the institutional research work of the UOPD. These seminars are open to the entire University community. Web conferencing technology is used to allow off-site participants to view the presentations and participate in the discussions.

The presentations delivered in this series are available below: