University Office of 
Planning & Development

Project Management Office
The University Project Management Office (UPMO) exists within the University Office of Planning and Development (UOPD) and is located within the Vice-Chancellery. It is mandated with the responsibility of researching, preparing, developing and managing projects for the portfolios of the Vice-Chancellery in accordance with the strategic priorities. The UPMO provides project management support in the areas relative to institutional development, academic programme development and infrastructural development. It also provides guidance and support in the areas of technical support and secures external grants that are in alignment with the University’s strategic aims. The office is engaged to establish and administer mechanisms and associated procedures as follows:
  • Develop proposals for funding
  • Review and produce as applicable, modified version(s) of project proposals developed by other units
  • Perform project monitoring and evaluation activities that can lead to accountability and project/programme improvement
  • Facilitate skills development workshops
You can access the website of the University Project Management Office at