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The Class of 67 Tours RHQ

The Class of 67 Tours RHQ

The UWI Archives joined us in the UWI Museum to welcome the Class of 1967 in celebrating fifty years as graduates of the University of the West Indies (UWI). We share their post:

Roots of the West Indian Pelican
The Class of ’67

It’s a week of …much ado, a golden jubilee spent at the Alma mater. 50 years since these students donned their caps and gowns and said farewell to their beloved UWI, they return to soak it all in once more.

Dr Suzanne Francis-Brown welcomes the Class of ’67 to the UWI Museum

A week at Mona, a week down memory lane, stirring up thoughts of ole times, and digging in  bridging some gaps while becoming reacquainted with the Mona campus. The class of 67 provided some enriching stories that linked much of our past as a growing institution. Many were enraptured relived their first year experience attending Martin Luther King’s presentation here on the Mona campus as they listened to a recording of the event.

Dr Stanley Griffin tells the class of ’67 about the UWI Archives

They began their UWI journey in 1964 (interestingly the…
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