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The Gloria Lyn Literary Circle was born out of desire to promote the love of literature, reading and the spoken word.

All graduates who are interested are invited to share thei ideas and suggestions, to meet others interested in "things literary" virtually in this space and to enjoy the new dimensions added to their lives through the appreciation of literature.

The late Gloria Lyn was a lecturer in the Department of Literatures in English at the UWI and influenced and guided students and graduates from all over the Caribbean, many of whom are not involved in careers that would traditionally be considered by graduates of Literature. Her daughters, Cathy and Marjanne, have set up the Gloria Lyn Memorial Prize in her honour to encourage and promote the LOVE of Literature. Donations to the Gloria Lyn Memorial Prize are welcome!

"We created the Gloria Lyn Memorial Fund at The University of the West Indies to celebrate the efforts of Gloria Lyn and all past students who have used the opportunity that The University of the West Indies has provided them to transform their lives and those around them through the study of literature."

Cathy and Marjanne Lyn

The Gloria Lyn Prize for West Indian Literature will be awarded annually starting in November 2014.  This will be a prize of US$500 and it will go to the second year student with the highest marks in any of the West Indian Literature courses at Mona. We anticipate adding an annual scholarship when sufficient funds accumulate.

Gloria influenced many of her students both in the lecture hall and in their personal lives. She stimulated their minds in the classroom by encouraging her students to think for themselves. She offered help and advice with career choices and she "mothered" her students, particularly those who were far from home for the first time.

We hope that you will join us in keeping her legacy alive for the students who will one day excel in English and West Indian Literature and who will in turn, pass on her appreciation and love of literature.

To get involved join us at the Gloria Lyn Literary Circle or click here to make a donation to the Gloria Lyn Memorial Prize.

The Advisory Board

We have established an Advisory Board to guide the planning of literary events, build the Gloria Lyn Literary Circle and monitor the Fund. This board comprises:

  • Celia Davidson Francis - Director, UWI Alumni Relations
  • Dr. Michael Bucknor - Public Orator - UWI Mona Campus and one of Gloria's past students
  • The Reverend Dr. Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones - Priest for Pastoral Care and Community/Staff Vestry Chaplin Trinity Wall Street NY and one of Gloria's past students
  • Marjanne Lyn - Gloria's daughter
  • Cathy Lyn - Gloria's Daughter


Update - July 2017 

We have good news for you this year. The University of the West Indies has invested your donations and not only is the fund growing (thanks to you) but it is generating enough interest income to fund our US$500 annual prize for West Indian Literature. We are lucky to have the support of the University as it allows us to provide tax receipts to donors for Canada and the US. When you donate to the Gloria Lyn Memorial Fund, your donations go into the fund, they do not get spent on expenses. 
We now have four prize winners: Roma, Judith, Francina and Cornel who are all doing us proud. 
Roma is now working in St Kitts
Judith and Francina teach high school in Jamaica
Cornel is preparing for post graduate studies in Canada.
We in the process of building a community that will generate ideas to benefit a larger group.  We started at the University, identifying the best students in literature and now we are reaching back into the high schools. This year we worked with our prize winners to create a High School competition called  "What Jamaica Means to Me?" This competition helped to identify and motivate promising high school students to participate and this year the winner is Mackala Francis from Bog Walk High School .
Thanks for your continued support 
Cathy and Marjanne Lyn 




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