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How could we not join our UWI Archives colleagues in recognising UWI’s Chancellor Emeritus, Prof Emeritus Sir George Alleyne, known from schooldays and by all his University (College) of the West Indies peers as ‘Champ’!

Roots of the West Indian Pelican
We know he is a Caribbean man, but I don’t know if he likes “trini Doubles” or if he is a good reader of the dominoes game. However in this case we may have a world record on hand, a double Emeritus; it’s plural, so it may be an Emeriti.

Chancellor Emeritus Sir George Alleyne sharing a light moment with Dr Suzanne Francis-Brown

Warm and soft spoken, the former Chancellor, a true UWI man ‘through and through’, Sir George Alleyne has made an indelible mark on the history of The UWI. He has now been designated the honour of retaining the title of UWI Chancellor (Emeritus).

This is not totally new territory, Sir George Alleyne was already know to us as Professor Emeritus Sir George Alleyne. He carries his professorship honour, which he earned during one of his earlier UWI stints in the 1970s.

Sir George Alleyne, UWI Chancellor, in…
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