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Asha-Gaye Cowell, PM's Youth Awardee in Leadership for 2019

Asha-Gaye Cowell, PM's Youth Awardee in Leadership for 2019

On November 30, 2019, out of eleven nominees, Asha-Gaye Cowell, UWI STAT Alumni Ambassador and Past President, was one of three awardees of the Prime Minister’s National Youth Awards for Excellence for the category of Leadership. Nominations were open to all Jamaican nationals between 15-29 years old, who are living in Jamaica and the Diaspora, and who have attained excellence and world-class achievement. Asha-Gaye who was also the recipient of the 2019 Governor-General Achievement Award for Excellence for the Parish of St. Andrew in the age group 25-35 years old, and the UWI Mona Premier Leadership Awardee for in 2019 as well. 

Asha is a First Class Honours graduate of The UWI, with BSc. in Economics and Statistics, and she is currently pursuing an MSc. in International Public and Development Management. She was awarded the UWI Township Scholarship and UWI Toronto Gala Scholarship for her academic achievements and was named the Community Valedictorian for the Greater August Town community from which she hails. Driven by her passion for youth development, she has served her community, country and the region in various capacities, including Planning Executive for the UNECLAC Forum on Population, Youth and Development, Co-Chair of the LSC Steering Committee for the USAID Caribbean Summit on Crime and Violence Prevention, former community development activist in the Greater August Town and President for the UWI STAT Vice Chancellor’s Ambassadorial Corps. 

In summer 2018, she completed an internship with the CARICOM Secretariat, Guyana where she focused on youth development and strategic advancement in the region, and in her semester 2 2019/20, she interned as an Advisor with the Permanent Missions of Jamaica to the United Nations. Currently, she sits on the National Youth Advisory Council of Jamaica and serves as a UNESCO Youth Ambassador as well as one of the two Caribbean Regional Focal Points for the Global Youth Caucus on Sustainable Development Goal 16 with the UN Major Group for Children and Youth, the official space for young people mandated by the General Assembly. She was also appointed Senior Resident Advisor with the Rex Nettleford Hall in 2019. 

We are proud of our Pelicans and the strides they make as “Light(s) rising from the West. Asha is one such Pelican that continues to shine the Light of the UWI!


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