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Classes of 1970 and 1971 – 50th Anniversary Reunion

Classes of 1970 and 1971 – 50th Anniversary Reunion

We salute the Classes of 1970 and 1971!

A look at how the evening went ....... 

Covid-19 prevented the Class of 70 celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2020 – however we were determined that both the Classes of 1970 and 1971 would be celebrated. So on Saturday, June 12, 2021, the Director of Alumni Relations, Celia Davidson Francis and the Campus Alumni Officers hosted a  virtual celebration for the combined Classes of 70 and 71 so that those graduates could reconnect and celebrate this milestone!

Many from the two Classes (84 in total) joined us onnline and enjoyed an evening of memories and reminiscences! Approximately 20 others would have loved to have joined, but could not for various reasons. 

Carina Dyce, the Mona Campus Alumni Officer and Rozan Levy, the UWIMAA/IAD Associate assisted greatly with contacting members of the Classes and asking them to spread the word, collecting photos and incorporating their ideas into the evening's programme.

Tamoy Campbell, UWI STAT Alumni Ambassador was the Moderator and brought a lot of fun and enthusiam and everyone enjoyed music from that era during the Meet and Greet and final Lyme.

Also assisting in locating graduates of the two Classes and getting them excited about the Reunion were the following Campus Alumni Officers: Sandra Griffith Carrington (Open Campus); Roseanne Maxwell (Cave Hill Campus); Camille Edwards (St. Augustine Campus) and Shavar Maloney (Alumni Relations Liaison and Marketing Manager - Five Isands Campus in Antigua and Barbuda). 

Of course, a moment's silence was held for those who have already passed in their memories and acknowledging the stellar contribution they had each made, such as: Rolstan Adams, Alphonsos Antoine, Iverine Blair, Jean Fong Kong, Clive Hobson, Allan Lavalle, Paul Lawrence, Oswald Leake, Lorna Murray, Margaret Rice, Joel Slack, Michael Dash, Owen Arthur, Harry Abrikian and Candace de Shong. 

Many memories were shared, including how they felt at the time of the Walter Rodney Riots which took place when they were at UWI.

Class members joined from places far and wide such as: Barbados, Canada, Florida (Plantation, Pembroke Pines) Jamaica, Guyana, California Trinidad, Bahamas and England 

Everyone had such a wonderful time hearing about the UWI now, sharing memories of time on Campus and Hall (Dr. Steinbok's beautiful photos were applauded and appreciated) and hearing about the 4 randomly selected Class members (two from 1970 - H.E. Ambassador A. Missouri Sherman Peter and Mr. Robert Cranston and two from 1971 - Dr Joy Mighty and Mr. Parris Lyew-Ayee Snr.)  who were highlighted. It was impossible to choose as both Classes were so talented, accomplished and contributed so much to their nations, the Caribbean and the world - so the selection had to be random.  

Those present included Hazel Simmonds McDonald, Claremont Kirton, Patsy Prussia, Gillian Glean Walker, Cecille DePass, Janice Mayers, Audrey Lawrence, Wilamae Salkey, Rose Bachelier, Michael Andrews, Carol Slusher and many more!

The event was to go until 7: 30 p.m. JA time/8:30 p.m. EC time - but ended up going until 9 p.m. JA time / 10 p.m EC time because folks wanted to enjoy the music, chat and catch up! 

The Classes have asked the organizers to facilitate another Zoom get- together as they still have more to share! 


Members of the Classes of 1970 & 1971,

We hope that you enjoyed your virtual  50th Anniversary Celebration! 

Now we would like to talk to you about keeping connected in a tangible way! You all contributed to the event by reaching out to your classmates and friends and by providing information and photos – and have shown wonderful Pelican spirit and this is truly appreciated. 

Both the Class of 1970 and 71 have shown further interest in showing Class Pride by contributing to Class gifts.

So we would like to suggest a novel way of contributing - any amount is welcomed – because collectively you will impact your Alma Mater positively. 

The pandemic has been challenging for everyone – so how about asking your friends and family to make contributions to the Class Gift instead of a birthday, anniversary, or special other event gift - on your behalf. 

Of course you can donate as well!

Alumni philanthropy is a marvellous way to honour the legacies of both Classes – which will benefit both present and future students at The University of the West Indies. We will be inviting each Class to indicate what exactly their particular Gift is to establish or go towards – for example - students’ scholarship in a particular faculty, increasing access to online resources for students, or improving technology equipment at a particular or several campuses.These are just some examples of worthwhile causes that your classes can establish/contribute to.

What’s better than a philanthropic gift in your name in honour of your time at The UWI?

Of course, your gifts would be gratefully acknowledged and recognized by The UWI.

You are invited to donate and to encourage contributions between NOW and DECEMBER 1,  2021.

Please click on the link below to contribute to the constant growth of your Alma Mater - and feel free to share with your family and friends so that they can give to the Class Gift of your year  - in YOUR honour. 

What’s better than a philanthropic gift - in your name -  in honour of your time at The UWI?


We will keep you updated as to the philanthropic cause selected by each class and the progress in terms of contributions.

It was our honour and pleasure to recognize both Classes at the virtual 50th Anniversary Reunion and we hope that you will keep in touch with us and each other!




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