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Mark Burnett, PMP, SMC - Young Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Mark Burnett, PMP, SMC - Young Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

A natural encourager, collaborator, optimist, and Up-the-Stairs Ambassador who fosters empowerment through conversation. Mark believes that true service comes from Servanthood, and is a servant to others which is his main strength. Nowadays, He is helping small businesses manage complex projects, hybrid teams, risks, change, deadlines, technology, and channel of accountability to solve the biggest inefficiencies in enterprise-class infrastructures; helping busy Entrepreneurs (Leaders/ Owners) with their time; boosting productivity, resilience and recruitment, taking their business from a distressed position; helping individuals become the most powerful version of themselves, instill learning, build skills through project management and heart-based life lessons.

Having worked with Ericsson and best-in-class technology operators, Mark has supported a range of client projects for over a decade, including major digital transformation that delivered significant benefits to services providers in the Caribbean and Central America. He has a solid customer focus on new upgrades, medium to high-risk priorities, and his experience extends across a wide range of ICT & telecom technologies. Likewise, he has managed large-scale/ macro level network deployment, negotiating with external partners and leading cross-functional teams to accelerate performance.

An active Mentor with meaningful contributions, Mark has served as E-Mentor at UWI, PMI Volunteer, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Red Cross Volunteer, Veteran Project Manager Mentor (VPMMA), PMOGA-PMO Leader (Judge, Mentor, Ambassador), Mentor at Allo Community (Helping Hands), Mentor at CARICOM, Mentor at UTECH, Assessor at Lagility, Ambassador at Responsible Project Management (RPM), and Liaison Officer at Caribbean Football Tournament. Moreover, he has guided teams to support creative solutions for Hackathon Covid-19, and initiatives to motivate women in technology (REED) and youth in STEM. Mark is ardent about community service and has been helping since his youth. 

Mark is a certified PMP, Agile Scrum Master and Registered Engineer (EngrPE) His view is that a blend of Project Management and Engineering can be fun. Besides this, his multicultural exposure has given him deep interests in these areas:  Community Support, Pathway Mentorship, Business & Digital Transformation, Productivity & Motivation, Risk & Change Management, Executive Decision Making, Remote Work, Third-Party Management, Employees' Mental Well Being. 

Mark Burnett has been a true inspiration imparting his invaluable wisdom, experience, and knowledge to our budding professionals at the UWI, he continues to exemplify a true UWI pelican by nurturing the young! 

‘It’s within you, at heart. Chat with Mark and discover your Spark.” -Junior Dova #MARKMentorship

“Servitude Above Self.” -Castio Williams #Struggles2Triumph

For more details, feel free to reach out to Mark:

Email: mrkburnett@gmail.com |LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mrkburnett



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