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UWI Alumni Presidents Meet

UWI Alumni Presidents Meet

The annual Central Executive Committee CEC)  Meeting of the UWI Alumni Association  (UWIAA) Presidents took place on Feb 28, 2020 in the form of a half day virtual meeting under the theme: Alumni Relations - Enriching The UWI.”

At this meeting the Chapter Presidents, who meet virtually every month with the Director of Alumni Relations, Celia Davidson Francis, reported on the engagement activities and funds raised last year. The Head of the UWIAA by the UWI Charter, the UWI Chancellor, Robert Bermudez attended and gave Remarks. He reiterated that all UWIAA Chapters must be registered with Alumni Relations - IAD (Institutional Advancement Division) so that they are recognised as bona fide and so that they have official permission to use the UWI Crest, to interface with students and to collect donations for the University. He noted that the  

CEC Meeting of UWIAA Presidents and Contacts is important and noted that the Reports submitted, despite challenges, showed that UWIAA Chapters are seeking to engage with their campuses and with future graduates (students). He congratulated all those who were awarded Alumni Relations – IAD awards for their sterling efforts.

Chancellor Bermudez noted his pleasure that more Chapters are hosting a Pelican Awards annually. He congratulated Mr. Davidson Francis on the three additional 3 awards that have been agreed by the Chapters, which give them more flexibility, namely:

The UWIAA Professional Excellence Apex Award – for professional excellence in a particular field

The UWIAA Service Excellence Pinnacle Award – for service to the country or region

The UWIAA UWI Advancement Zenith Award – for support of the advancement and continued excellence of The UWI 

He noted that the Pelican remains the most prestigious award a Chapter may give.

The Chancellor was pleased that all current and past UWIAA Presidents keep connected to the UWI through the Chancellor's Presidents Club as that way their knowledge and expertise are not lost and commended Mrs Davidson Francis for starting it and Mrs Sandra Griffith Carrington, the Open Campus Alumni Officer who has been assigned to lead this programme, for doing such a stellar job of keeping past Presidents as well as current ones involved. He indicated that he is looking forward to sharing the findings of the Chancellor’s Commission with the alumni population and thanked all the Campus Alumni Officers for their hard work and also thanked the UWIAA Presidents for volunteering and serving their Alma Mater.

The Director, Mrs. Davidson Francis, in her remarks noted that she believes that The UWI is understanding how important Alumni Relations is and that in fact it does enrich the University. She noted that” Alumni engagement is the level of attraction, connection, affection and influence a graduate has with their Alma Mater over time.” Importantly too, she remarked “students are important as the institution prepares them to lead their countries, the region and the world as graduates, however student life lasts an average of 3 years, but being a graduate can last 50 years or more. That is why graduates are such a valuable resource, with the potential to greatly enrich the University through engagement activities such as E-Mentorship, the Soft and Life Skills Series, Pelican Talks, the First Impressionz Thrift Boutique, Career Link Ups and more!”

Mrs Davidson Francis took the opportunity to thank her fellow Alumni Relations professionals - the Campus Alumni Officers - who work with her to embed the importance of Alumni Relations so that everyone in the UWI family realises that real alumni engagement is not an event, but a journey. The very term Alumni Relations reflects how the relationship with a university develops, evolves and matures throughout a graduate’s stages of life.

She also took time to thank all the UWIAA Presidents and Contacts for their service and dedication to the UWI as they are also part of the AR team. She exhorted them to continue to work with her and the Campus Alumni Officers to enrich the life of  The UWI through alumni engagement. 


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