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UWI Grad elected Mayor

UWI Grad elected Mayor

UWI Alumna, Phelecia Nembhard was elected mayor of the city of New Carrolton in Maryland in June 2020. She is the first female and first person of colour to be elevated to that position.

She graduated with a degree in management and accounting from The UWI and in 1996, she was recognised as Student of the Year at UWI. Then migrated to the United States. She worked with Sun Trust Bank and then went to Presidential Bank, as a regional manager. She has always seen herself as a community activist rather than a politician.

Since taking the reins at city hall, Nembhard she has already instituted a number of reforms and is working with the city’s police department to effect reforms. Her agenda is progressive, with priorities including the improvement of the city’s infrastructure and solvency; as well as the improvement of the quality of life for all residents.

In terms of policing, Mayor Nembhard notes that the police department will institute a community resource officer programme where officers out of uniform integrate with the community. Additionally, some resources will be reallocated from the police department so that people trained in mental health can work with the police to help with social interventions.

She is the youngest person to serve as New Carrolton’s mayor, a city with about 60 per cent blacks.

She is looking forward to serving at a higher level and to making a positive difference.


Source: Stabroek News 


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