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UWI’s Strategy until 2022

UWI’s Strategy until 2022

We are pleased to share with you this following message from the UWI Vice Chancellor Professor Sir Hilary Beckles:

At the Annual Business Meeting held on April 27, 2017, the University Council approved the Triple A Strategy as The UWI’s new strategic plan to govern the period 2017 to 2022.

This Triple A Strategy is the culmination of a year of consultations and reflects the best thinking of colleagues who gave their ideas generously during retreats. It emerged from an understanding of the role and requisites for the sustainability of The UWI within its national, regional and global environments. You may be familiar with my expression that “universities are not meant to serve themselves; they are resourced to serve their communities and nations.” Therefore, The UWI’s priority is to rebuild our own economic competitiveness and keep our house in good operational order while becoming more locally, externally and globally engaged and re-energized to confront the challenges of the region, drive it out of recession and improve the quality of life in the Caribbean. This is the fundamental objective of our new strategic plan.

As its name reflects, The Triple A Strategy which will guide us and the region over the next five years, rests upon three primary pillars: Access, Alignment, and Agility. It hinges on widening access to quality tertiary education; greater alignment of The UWI as one university, with academia, industry and international partnerships relevant to the region’s needs and agility in using The UWI’s resources and capabilities to respond to the needs of customers, including alumni, in a changing environment. The greater relevance and dignity of The UWI depends on the strengthening of these pillars of service and survival, which are linked to these 12 strategic objectives below:

To be a university for ALL   Promote greater activism and public advocacy  Establish a physical presence of The UWI on all continents 
To be the university of first choice for alumni and non-student customers seeking products and services for all things Caribbean   Increase and improve academic/industry research partnerships  Restore the financial health of The UWI 
Improving the quality of teaching and learning and student development  Promote a single UWI brand consciousness  Generate economies of scale and scope for The UWI 
Improving the quality, quantity and impact of research, innovation and publication    Foster a Creative, Caring, Accountable, Motivated, Professional (CAMP) Team 
    Increase and improve academic/industry research partnerships 

The University’s leadership team is confident that this Triple A Strategy is perfectly suited for our present circumstance as well as charting and adjusting as we revitalize Caribbean development for the future. You can look forward to further updates from the senior leadership including your campus principals and the Pro Vice-Chancellor - Planning, Professor Densil Williams as we move ahead.

The success of this plan depends on the creativity, caring and accountability of a motivated and professional team that will drive the operations across all four campuses. Each one of us has a role to play in this next phase of our University and I am counting on your support.

Professor Sir Hilary Beckles
The University of the West Indies


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