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We celebrate the life and service of Mrs Austin Alleyne, retired Campus Registrar of The UWI Cave Hill Campus

We celebrate the life and service of Mrs Austin Alleyne, retired Campus Registrar of The UWI Cave Hill Campus

Born on January 15, 1932, she received her early education at the then St. Michael Girls’ School and Queen’s College in Barbados.  She later received a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma in Education from the University College of the West Indies and a M.S. Education in University Administration from Indiana University.

During her time as part of the administration of the University, Mrs Alleyne brought a wealth of knowledge, serving in each Registry of the then three campuses of the University.  She was first appointed to the University in 1955 as an Assistant Registrar at the Mona Campus.  In 1960 she was transferred to the St. Augustine campus at the time when the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture was merged with the then University College of the West Indies and its Faculty of Agriculture.  In 1964, Mrs Alleyne was temporarily transferred to the Cave Hill Campus for one year.  She later returned to the Cave Hill Campus permanently in 1974 as an Assistant Registrar, was promoted to Senior Assistant Registrar in 1975 and later to Campus Registrar in 1982. In August and September of 1990, she acted as University Registrar and formally retired from The UWI in September 1992.

To her distinction, Mrs. Alleyne was the first woman to hold a post at the level of Campus Secretary at the University of the West Indies. She served as Division Commissioner and Chairman of the Fund Raising Committee of the Girl Guides Association Inc., Barbados; She was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Barbados National Bank and of the governing body of the Alleyne School. In December 1981, she was appointed a Justice of the Peace of Barbados.         

Mrs Alleyne brought to the various levels of responsibility within university administration a dedication to duty, a commitment to thoroughness and efficiency, an ability to manage time, and a conviction that the best form of leadership is leadership by example.

Offering sincerest condolences to family and friends at this time, and expressing the campus’ appreciation for Mrs Alleyne’s distinguished service to the University, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor The Most Honourable V. Eudine Barriteau remembered her as “a founding mother of the Campus”.

“Mrs Alleyne represents one of the original pillars of The UWI Cave Hill Campus. She was part of a generation of men and women whose dedicated, determined, professional service constituted the foundation on which the Cave Hill Campus was built.”

The former administrator was also fondly remembered by her niece, current Bursar of the Cave Hill Campus, Ms Lisa Alleyne. “Auntie Austin’ was a well-dressed and stately woman. She was not a demonstrative person, but can be best remembered for her generosity and her willingness to always give as her way of showing her love and commitment.”


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