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The UWI Open Campus Endowment Fund

The UWI Open Campus Endowment Fund

The University of the West Indies (The UWI) Open Campus Alumni recently launched an Endowment Fund to provide scholarships to talented yet needy students from across the Caribbean as well as grants for developmental projects for the Open Campus. The earnings from the fund will be utilised under the guidance of a Governing Board of Advisors consisting primarily of Alumni and the Open Campus Administration.  The fund will be professionally managed with transparency and periodic reporting to all stakeholders.

Mrs. Sandra Griffith-Carrington, Open Campus Alumni Officer, who pioneered the initiative posits that having become acutely aware of the difficulties faced by our students, exacerbated by the current pandemic, she felt that it was now prudent to add the other “t” – treasure to the existing time and talent given by alumni to their alma mater so that many deserving students could benefit from the Endowment Fund to complete their degrees.

She shared one of the many heart-wrenching stories which resonated with her and prompted her to pioneer this initiative.

“My world like everywhere else turned upside down as Covid-19 spread from continent to continent, country to country. As a final year student, I saw my degree in sight, it was within my grasp, that all changed as the pandemic ravished the world.

First, I lost my part-time job in tourism, I was still okay until my parents’ loss their construction business. That's when it went from bad to worse, due to his pre-existing conditions, my dad fell victim to Covid-19 and he died last December.

With no income, the dream of being the first graduate in my family is slipping further from my grasp. I felt like there was no hope, I was at a complete loss at how I would be able to find the funds needed to pay for my final semester. Grasping at straws, and with the encouragement of my friends, I contacted the Alumni Officer Mrs. Sandra Griffith-Carrington”

She urges corporate entities and governments who benefit from having UWI graduates in their employ and all alumni of the Open Campus to see the Endowment Fund as a legacy and to give – noting that no gift is too small – so that those who come behind would find us faithful.   In the words of Denzil Washington “At the end it’s not about what you have or even what you have accomplished.  It is about who you have lifted up, who you have made better.  It’s about what you have given back”.


Details for contribution to the Fund are as follows:-

Wire Instructions: UWI Open Campus CIBC Cayman Account

Correspondent Bank: Wells Fargo Bank, New York


ABA Code: 026005092

Beneficiary Bank: First Caribbean International Bank (Cayman) Limited


Beneficiary: Beneficiary Account Name (THE UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES)

Beneficiary Account Number: (10424000)


Should you have any queries and to let us know that you have made your contribution please write to us at openphilanthropy@alumni.uwi.edu 

This year, the Office of Alumni Relations will be embarking on a social “mediathon” under distinguished patronage.  Keep reading the NEXUS for more details.


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