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My UWI Journey - Ms. Krissa Johnny

My UWI Journey - Ms. Krissa Johnny

IMG 1946Having successfully completed my undergraduate studies at the University of the West Indies Open Campus in 2012; and graduating with First Class Honors in Mathematics Education as the Valedictorian, I was propelled to pursue the Post Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design in January, 2013, owing to my satisfaction with the educational experience received with the said institution.

This decision along with my continued dedication towards the improvement of mathematics teaching and learning, contributed to my promotion as Head of the Mathematics Department following my first year at the Choiseul Secondary School in September, 2013.

As Head of Department, I have undertaken the task of restructuring the mathematics syllabus based on topics taught at the various forms as well as placement of students in various classes, using the knowledge and skills gained from my studies and former place of employment. In addition, I have dedicated time after school and on Saturdays to extra mathematics classes to students desirous of improving their performance. My goal is to increase student performance in mathematics both internally and at the CSEC examination within a 5 year period, alongside the teachers of the department.

Being no stranger to online studies and full-time employment, I have successfully completed the Post Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design with Distinction in December, 2013. This accomplishment has positioned me for further opportunities as I was called upon by the Division of Teacher Education and Educational Administration of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College to serve as an External Assessor on the University of the West Indies Final Assessment Team during the Practical Teaching period in March, 2014. Most recently, in June, 2014, I served as a Curriculum Writer for Mathematics for the said college during a trip to Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario.

When I am not engaged in activities centered on Mathematics teaching and learning, I enjoy spending time with my 6 year old daughter, training and reading. Being a student at the University of the West Indies Open Campus has had a tremendous impact on my life. As a single parent and a full-time employee, online learning has been the only affordable medium for me to keep abreast in a globally challenging environment. As a member of the UWI Alumni Association, I intend to fulfill my social and professional responsibilities to reflect my commitment to “Oriens Ex Occidente Lux” which means “Light rising from the West”.


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