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UWI STAT hosts Annual CARICOM Quiz at the Law Faculty, Moot Court Room

UWI STAT hosts Annual CARICOM Quiz at the Law Faculty, Moot Court Room

On Monday 2nd February 2015, UWI STAT hosted its prime event, the UWI STAT Annual CARICOM Quiz at the Law Faculty, Moot Court Room. The event was very well supported by students from all of the CARICOM countries. The UWI STAT Annual Caricom Quiz helps to promote regional integration as well as encourage regional diversity and pride in our Caribbean culture and heritage. It also serves to educate the participants and members of the audience about the region.

The event began at 9:30 p.m. with a prayer by President Travis Benain. This was followed by opening remarks by his co-host, Ambassador Mikella Cadougan (last year’s CARICOM quiz winner). The Vice President of CARICOM Relations, Tracy Lewis, gave persons an overview of how the competition would go and then invited the Vice President of Membership, Zuriel Francique, to give a comprehensive outline of the rules. The participants were then introduced to the audience who showed their excitement and pride in their country when their representative was called.

The Quiz started with Round One which was an integration round where the participants were placed into teams. Team One comprised of GRENSAC (Grenadian Student Association), BELSAC (Belizean Student Association) and VINSA (St. Vincent & the Grenadines Student Association); Team Two contained LUSAC (St. Lucian Student Association) and DOMSAC (Dominican Students Association); and last but not least, CTSA (Combined Territories Student Association), JASAC (Jamaican Student Association) and ABSA (Antigua & Barbuda Student Association) made up Team Three. This round required the teams to work together in order to answer questions before they proceeded to Round Two, where questions had to be answered individually.

The participants answered their questions well despite the intense nature of the competition. Various members of the respective associations cheered on their representatives and the excitement was high. At the end of it all, there were ties for 3rd place as well as for 1st place. BELSAC and GRENSAC were tied for the 3rd place position until the tie breaker where BELSAC emerged victorious. Additionally, newly inducted UWI STAT Ambassador, Ms. Sanique Richards, of JASAC was able to push ahead of the ABSA representative and secure the first place position as this year’s winner of the CARICOM QUIZ.

By Jahnelle Zoё Teague, Ambassador


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