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UWI STAT MONA hosts Corporate Link Up

UWI STAT MONA hosts Corporate Link Up



On Thursday, February 8, 2018, the UWI STAT family kick-started the second semester with a Corporate Link Up to mark the UWI's 70th Anniversary. This took place in the Aleem Mohammed Room of the UWI Regional Headquarters. Discussions centred around the theme: "General Habits for Success".  

The Chief Executive Officer and President of the Victoria Mutual Group, Mr. Courtney Campbell and the  Executive Director of the GraceKennedy Foundation, Mrs. Caroline Mahfood lead fruitful discussions that were not only interesting but also engaging.

Executive Director of the GraceKennedy Foundation, Mrs. Caroline Mahfood

Mrs. Mahfood shared with us her journey to success. She stated that her road to success began with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of the West Indies, Mona, where at that time, there was not much that one could do with such a degree. 

However, while being a university student, she gave her life to Christ as she realized that helping persons was her passion. She later strengthened her passion by securing an opportunity to work with the Grace Kennedy Foundation, which she expresses as being a more than rewarding experience. Mrs. Mahfood emphasized  the importance of loving what you do, as this will dictate how much effort you put into it. 

When asked “How do you work with persons who refuse to pull their weight while working in groups”. She responded by saying “The duty of a leader is to inspire the members as well as to help bring the main goal into fruition. However, if the person still refuses to work, the important thing to do is to get the work done.”
She also offered information on internships with Grace as well as scholarships and highlighted that STAT Ambassadors were welcome to contact her regarding those opportunities. 

Chief Executive Officer and President of the Victoria Mutual Group, Mr. Courtney Campbell
Mr. Courtney Campbell took the UWISTAT Ambassadors and Ambassador Designates through his journey leading up to his current position of Chief Executive Officer of Victoria Mutual Group. Mr. Campbell graduated from the University of the West Indies Mona with a Bachelor's Degree in Management Studies and directly moved to start his eighteen-month training at the National Commercial Bank of Jamaica (NCB). The program facilitated holistic training as he learned all areas of the banking world and superseded expectations by investing more than the required hours. As such, on many occasions he was commended for his superior work ethic which lead to him gaining 23 years of experience. He left the National Commercial Bank with the honor of managing the most profitable department. Mr. Campbell stressed the importance of putting your all into anything you do because hard work will be noticed and commended. 

He closed that chapter of his life and started a new one with the Grace Kennedy Group where he carried on with his excellent work ethic which led to his promotion in just three months of working there. He said his promotion was mainly because of his honesty and morals in the workplace. He later climbed the ladder of success again and was awarded his current position as CEO of the Victoria Mutual group.

Both Ambassadors and Ambassador Designates asked about the secret to balancing work and leisure, as well as how one maintains happiness when constantly working day after day. Mr. Campbell responded by expressing the importance of striking a balance in life and how he personally always found the time to do the things he enjoyed. He has only ever missed one cricket match at Sabina Park for example. 

Prior to leaving Mr. Campbell offered interested STAT Ambassadors tte opportunity to sit in one of the monthly financial meetings in order to gain exposure to real life application to financial concepts, as well as network. 




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