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​A UWI Medical Alumni Association Endowment : Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the UWI “Catalyzing and assuring future development"

​A UWI Medical Alumni Association Endowment : Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the UWI “Catalyzing and assuring future development"

The 75th Anniversary of the University of the West Indies (The UWI) represents an ideal opportunity for the UWI Medical Alumni Association (UWIMAA) to mobilize and galvanize the medical alumni to assist in the further development and sustainability of their alma mater and to honor the founding pioneers.

The Medical Faculty is the founding faculty of The UWI and its graduates, in the exercise of their professional practice, are the backbone of the health services of the Caribbean. The unprecedented success of the Faculty over the past 75 years has resulted in better health care, well-trained doctors, and brilliant scholars throughout the Caribbean and beyond.

Our alumni, if mobilized and organized appropriately, are a vital resource to:

  • Continually introduce new knowledge to the Faculties of Medical Sciences
  • Bring diversity to the training and practice of new and emerging areas of health
  • Provide mentorship and relieve the debt burden of needy students
  • Provide personnel, training and exchange, equipment and materials, scholarships and bursaries, and support for medical research
  • Contribute to the betterment of medical care of the people in the Caribbean region.

The UWIMAA invites your involvement in building on the three-quarters of a century of progress of medicine at The UWI as it seeks to raise US$1.5 million from alumni donations, and from individuals and organizations in the Caribbean and globally. Amounts raised, which will be treated and managed as endowed funds, will further consolidate and ensure the continuity of the UWIMAA which has entered a new phase of close relationship with the University through its International Advancement Division (IAD) which houses Alumni Relations, and has the generation of philanthropic gifts as one of its primary missions.

The UWIMAA was established 32 years ago and along with its chapters has supported the Faculties of Medical Sciences materially, provided support to needy students, and recognized excellence through scholarships and awards. It has aided in the areas of fund-raising and distribution of equipment.

The UWIMAA aims to build on its track record of alumni outreach and to reinforce its Pelican Pride through scientific and social Reunions, to assist the Faculties of Medical Sciences across the regional institution, to identify and support expertise for specific lectures/courses, to provide increased merit and needs-based student scholarships and to stimulate excellence through prizes and awards.

The UWIMAA endowed funds will be administered through The UWI’s established mechanisms for managing Endowments and its officially recognized charitable accounts. All donors will be gratefully and appropriately recognized. 

UWIMAA is actively soliciting contributions from its fellow alumni for this worthy effort. You may contact Mrs. Elizabeth Buchanan-Hind, Institutional Advancement Division in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor at 876-977-0052 or email giving@alumni.uwi.edu for further information on the UWIMAA Endowment and how you can donate. 


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