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What are Young Medical Pelicans Doing?

What are Young Medical Pelicans Doing?

Dr. Brian Kazaara is a recent UWI medical graduate and is currently the president of the Faculty of Medical Sciences Young Alumni Group (YAG) at the Mona campus and first vice president of the UWI Alumni Association. He constantly advocates for young medical graduates to be a part of medical alumni associations, like the UWIMAA and YAG because he understands its importance. He encourages medical alumni to tap into events and represent the UWI as medical graduates across the world. 

Dr. Brian Kazaara has been contributing to the UWI medical community and the UWIMAA recognizes and thanks him for his hard work and stewardship, especially as a recent UWI medical graduate. I hope this encourages other young medics from all UWI campuses to be involved as alumni because the longevity of UWI medical associations depend on their involvement. Working as a network is better than doing it all on your own- let’s tap in and work together as a network.

Thank you Dr. Kazaara- we appreciate you! 



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