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The cholera epidemic in Puerto Rico and COVID-19

by Daniel Mora-Ortiz
Cholera, a disease caused by the bacteria Vibrio cholerae, produces a serious intestinal infection, which causes severe dehydration that can cost a person their life. Damage can range from several days to as little as a few hours. This post provides a snapshot of the cholera epidemic that ravaged Puerto Rico from 1855 to 1856.


Covid – 19 Sensitization Videos

The University of the West Indies Mona Campus has produced a series of sensitization videos for the community.
1.      Basic information about Covid-19: https://youtu.be/8yzrZN1zWtI
2.      Preventative Measures


Views from UWI Carnival in the 1960s


U(C)WI Carnival is of significant cultural and historic value to the University community and the Jamaican society. Simone Augier highlights how UWI Carnival has changed over time in the video above.
We invite you to view these 1960s images from the UWI Museum George ‘Gemmie’ Morris Collection and share your thoughts and memories. The costumes below are amazing and certainly engage a wide variety of cultures.

Your thoughts?


UWI Carnival: Jammin from Home

All hopes of Jammin on the Ring Road went through the window when Covid-19 graced the world with its unpleasant presence.  Instilling fear and concern, we have all scampered to safety and the government shutting down public activities to hamper the spread of the virus. Since prevention (social distancing) betta dan cure, nuh Carnival cyah keep [Since prevention is better than cure Carnival cannot take place].
Does this mean that all opportunities for jammin has been lost? Of course not!



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