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Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane: To Port Antonio and Back

Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane: To Port Antonio and Back

What a journey it has been, traversing UCWI’s memory lane through the reports and tales of the 1955-1958 Pelican Newsletters. The journey down memory lane took us to the early days of UCWI when Mona was the only campus of this regional University – populated by students from all across the anglophone Caribbean. This diverse mix of students resulted in a richly blended U(C)WI culture that is reflective of the Caribbean. From articles such as “Carnival Comes to Mona in Trinidad Style” and “A Letter from Priscilla” we are provided insight into the backgrounds of the student population, and how they immersed themselves in each others’ culture, especially during recreational activities. Other articles like “Consideration of Dress” and “Campus Beards” relays information on the socio-cultural trends on the Campus and student relations, while “Colour and Class in the West Indies: An Introspection with an Interpretation on Campus” draws attention to more serious concerns regarding not only the University but also the wider society.

This selection of articles has unveiled a myriad of information about the University and its population during its first decade of existence. However, without Dr Owen Minott’s photo collection, the journey to the past would not have been the same. The majority of the photographs used in the videos are from the Owen Minott Photo Collection that focuses on the University. Dr Minott was among the first set of medical students to enrol at the University, and he had a deep love of photography. While Minott was a student, he took several photographs featuring students – at work and play, the University landscape, the University (College) of the West Indies Hospital, the surrounding community and other areas. Therefore, these images are an appropriate representation of the time.

The article “Port Antonio and Back” is most fitting to end the series, as its details of an extensive and exciting trip accurately represents our journey down memory lane.

Thank you for engaging UWI Museum Storytime: Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane”. Remember to do your part in keeping the U(C)WI memories alive by sharing your story on life at the U(C)WI.


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