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Cybercrime Analyst

Ministry of Social Development and Family Services in Trinidad and Tobago is hiring a Cybercrime Analyst on Caribjob today.More details about this job are below:Analyses and investigates the electronic systems to assess risk, system compromises and methodologies behind digital forensics, including identifying, preserving, extracting, analysing and reporting on cybercrime evidence.  Key and Critical Responsibilities

  • Consults with key stakeholder to determine system role within the organisation.
  • Conducts risk assessment of security controls and security impact assessment to evaluate current security position and recommend priorities to support     change.
  • Interprets data gathered from the computer system to advance the investigation and compliance work of the Unit. 
  • Maintain and support current and ongoing assessment and authorisation packages.
  • Implement and support cyber security standards. 
  • Review and analyse vulnerability scans and collaborate with administrators to mitigate.
  • Support the cyber security change management processes 
  • Participate in daily or weekly meetings to report system status to systems owners, Government managers, and other stakeholders to manage Cybersecurity  requirements
  • Provide recommendations for security improvements based on advances in industry or in response to threat intelligence.
  • Establish new data gathering and analysis techniques to support investigation and compliance matters within the organisation.
  • Detect computer system irregularities and flag these as matters for investigation
  • Research new technology to increase the organisations effectiveness in detecting irregular electronic activities. 
  • Advises on solutions to prevent irregularities in the system.
  • Support the management and other teams with the electronic business goals and needs
  • Support the change management process.
  • Formulate procedural manuals, standard operating procedures, cyber security policies and procedures to prevent irregular transactions and activities in the  system.
  • Support the training of staff on cybercrime activities.
  • Submit regular reports on the integrity of the electronic system and cybercrime activities. 

Key Competency

  • Ability to analyse cyber risk
  • Solutions oriented
  • Experts knowledge of computer systems 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; oral and written communication skills; report writing, problem solving skills and an ability to understand and interpret   financial and legal documents.


  • A Master’s Degree in Cyber Security Operations, Cybersecurity Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Assurance, Information Technology or an MBA with specialty in cyber security.
  • At least two (2) years’ experience in a computer security/cyber security environment. 


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