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Forensic Auditor

Ministry of Social Development and Family Services in Trinidad and Tobago is hiring a Forensic Auditor on Caribjob today.More details about this job are below:The Forensic Auditor is responsible for all the processes of reviewing and examining the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services overall financial health. The Auditor’s job is primarily focused on ensuring that financial statements are fairly presented, however using the methodology of a Forensic Audit will help to improve the Ministry’s internal controls and systems. At all times the Forensic Auditor must develop and manage internal controls and financial reporting on all finances of the Ministry. Supporting documents for financial statements must be factual and the role of the Forensic Auditor is to ensure that at no time the Ministry appears to the more financially stable than it actually is. The role of the Forensic Auditor is to ensure that fair and accurate financial reporting becomes integral to the business of the Ministry. Internal audits are not enough. Forensic Auditing reviews financial statements to identify loopholes and make necessary interventions. Key and Critical Responsibilities

  • Takes responsible for the overview of the financial systems operating the Ministry to ensure accountability, transparency in fiscal transactions and in the  delivery of quality services provided to the vulnerable citizens on behalf of the Government. 
  • Establishes and manages a fiscal system with acceptable professional financial management consistent with the regulations and guidelines of the Ministry of Finance, Granting Agencies both national, regional and international and Financial Institutions.
  • Provides ongoing audits and review of fiscal systems. 
  • Compiles reports of all services mandated by the Ministry to the public. 
  • Analyses fiscal proposals with public/private programmes to ensure the Ministry meets the reporting requirements imposed by private sector partners and  other governmental and regulatory agencies. 
  • Diligently performs duties to accelerate the overall reporting process while making sure that all the figures reflected on the financial statements of the    Ministry are fairly presented.  
  • Works closely with the Team Lead Compliance to design appropriate professional robust reviews of the payment systems and projected expenditure. 
  • Analyses the procurement system to ensure transparency, accountability and fairness in the expenditure of taxpayers money. 
  • Conducts audits periodically in any area of the operations of the Ministry to ensure compliance with fiscal regulations and guidelines and proposes recommendations to ensure adherence to the regulations to ensure the fiduciary responsibility of the Ministry is not breached. 
  • Routinely test and audit use of policies and procedures. Reporting irregularities promptly to the Team Lead Compliance and Legal Department to action  necessary interventions 
  • Liaises with internal and external stakeholders of the Ministry to ensure transparency, efficiency in the fiscal systems of operations and value of services for expenditure.

Key CompetencySkills, Competencies and Experience

  • The ability to compile financial evidence, develop computer applications to manage the information collected, and communicate their findings in the form  of reports or presentations. 
  • The individual must be able to provide compliance guidance that balances regulatory requirements, risk mitigation and business objectives within the fiscal  management of the operations of an organisation


  • Undergraduate Degree in Auditing, Accounting, Risk Management.  
  • Graduate Degreeor Certificate in Quality Management Systems or Organizational Planning, Business Ethics and Basic Legal Systems.  
  • At least 5 years of experience in the forensic auditing and investigation.  
  • Experience in analysis of survey questions and responses from demographic reports to assess breaches in the delivery of services. 


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