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Manager-Group Treasury Operations & Payments

Victoria Mutual Building Society Ltd. in Jamaica is hiring a Manager-Group Treasury Operations & Payments on Caribjob today.More details about this job are below:Have responsibility for all aspects of the back-office treasury operations, settlement, securities and payments activitiesDetailsFUNCTIONAL AND TECHNICAL BUSINESS EXPERTISE 

  • Good time management skills with the ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment.
  • Working knowledge of the laws, procedures and practices governing the Financial Services Industry
  • Sound knowledge of relevant investment applications namely OPICS, Equity Order Systems.
  •  Sound knowledge of relevant computer applications namely JCSD, DEPEND computer interface.
  • Sound knowledge of the techniques used in Treasury Operations Management
  • Good project management skills


  • B.Sc. Business Administration, Finance or any other related field
  • Five (5) years progressive experience in a Financial Institution Two (2) of which should be at a Supervisory Level
  • Certification in Jamaican Securities
  • Operational experience in a money market & treasury environment


  • Direct and control the operating decisions affecting the delivery of treasury settlement and payments ecosystem at VM
  • Lead the management of the Securities, Settlement and Payments units within the Department, ensuring accuracy in executed transactions
  • Execute registration, securities and settlement, treasury operation compliance management reporting, continuous improvement related activities noted herein
  • Provide direction and support to:
  1. A Settlement Team. This team focus on executing the trades across the group daily (Repos, Bonds, Equity, FX)
  2. Payments Team. This team focus on carry out the moving and receipting funds – to include cash funding for the ABMs, and the Branch offices, as well as the co-ordination of services with Security Firms such as Guardsman
  3. A Digital Payment and Cash Support Services Team – This team manages the ABM Operations – status and cash needs, as well as distribution and destruction of VM payment cards (e.g., debit/credit). This team also manages the distribution/allocation of cashier's cheque leaves
  4. A Treasury Monitoring and Reporting Team – This team is responsible for treasury management and regulatory reporting, as well as the end of day checks & adherence to investment standards, all regulatory reports, audit confirmations and reconciliation reports.
  • Perform any other related duties that may be assigned from time to time.


  • Verify & Sign daily forms for purchases and sales related trades executed on the Horizon Trading Workstation
  • Approve payments and receipts related to the completion of equity transactions
  • Signs monthly invoices for payment to the Jamaica Central Securities Depository Limited
  • Approve the lodgment of securities to the JCSD system
  • Checks and signs JCSD settlement report for passage to the Accounts Department
  • Verify and post daily transactions executed (purchase & sale) within the agreed timelines
  • Approve new and modified account to the system
  • Troubleshoot user issues on BOJ CSD, Citi-Service and FundServ


  • Maintain strict adherence to Vault Custody procedures as per the audit policy as this relates to control, record keeping and receipting of securities held inhouse
  • Maintain security/legal documentation against clients’ accounts in a securities register, ensuring that the documentation is current and up to date
  • Ensure that legal documents are stamped with the required ad valorem stamp duty and other stamping charges and returned for safe keeping
  • Ensure confirmations details are transcribed, and correspondence dispatched promptly and accurately to counterparties
  • Signs correspondences prepared – letters to trading partners, and clients
  • Vet and approve wire transactions within the required timeframe on Citibank
  • Vet and approve movements of securities on BOJ CSD System ensuring collateral covers for transactions executed and that settlements are completed within the required timeframe
  • Check monthly FSC reports
  • Open cashier’s vault and check off Settlement Officer when required
  • Open securities vault when required
  • Check and sign IPF applications
  • Check and sign Tax letters and audit confirmatio


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