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Team Lead Compliance

Ministry of Social Development and Family Services in Trinidad and Tobago is hiring a Team Lead Compliance on Caribjob today.More details about this job are below:The Team Lead Compliance must ensure that the public sector rules, regulations, policies, processes and procedures are adhered to by the relevant Divisions within the Ministry. The Team Lead Compliance will report to the Head, of the Investigations and Compliance Unit (ICU) who is the official point of contact for the ICU and who liaises with internal and external agencies in the execution of its duties. The Team Lead Compliance will be responsible for forensic auditing for compliance and quality assurance functions to assist the Unit to achieve its mandate. Routine audits and testing of the use of policies and procedures when responding to specific events will be used by the Compliance Section to determine whether the organization is in breach of the established policy and procedures. Strategic and tactical alternatives are used to resolve challenges and mitigate risks.  Key and Critical Responsibilities

  • Oversees compliance within the Ministry, to ensure compliance with laws, regulatory requirements, policies, and procedures.
  • Reviews issues and material violations within the various Divisions of the Ministry.
  • Identifies compliance issues and makes recommendations to detect, prevent and correct, noncompliance with applicable policies, laws and regulations. 
  • Establishes and monitors compliance guidelines and standards that balances the regulatory requirements of the Ministry.  
  • Makes recommendations on programme procedures to build compliance within the organisation. 
  • Ensures that the compliance issues are well understood and respected by all employees, and that the Ministry is complying with all regulatory requirements. 
  • Monitors electronic business activities to ensure compliance 
  • Monitors complaints and adverse reports providing guidance as necessary.   
  • Takes responsibility for annual compliance testing, while performing daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly compliance reviews.Key Competency
  • Knowledge of compliance testing 
  • Ability to monitor systems (manual and electronic) for non-compliance
  • Ability to train on compliance 
  • Ability to prepare compliance manuals
  • Sound knowledge of building compliance and quality assurance systems in organisation
  • Ability to work in a team


  • Undergraduate Degree in Social Sciences, Risk Management, Professional Accounting.
  • Graduate Degree or Certificate in Quality Management Systems or Organizational Planning, Business Ethics and Basic Legal Systems.
  • At least three (3) years of experience in a Social Services environment or any employment that provided interaction with social service delivery to the public to prevent breaches of the law and ethical principles of management of people and finances.


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