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Ain Earle makes her mark on TT’s fashion industry

Ain Earle makes her mark on TT’s fashion industry

Photo Courtesy Ain Earle

Ain Earle, with an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in hospitality from The UWI, founded Fashion Arch in 2015 and serves as its lead consultant. The company helps local fashion designers develop their business models.

She was diagnosed with in 2004 with alopecia, an autoimmune disease which causes hair loss but has worked to redefine how beauty is seen. She slowly lost all the hair on her body in the five years after her diagnosis but believes that women are more than their hair or perceived physical beauty and was determined to contribute to the fashion industry in Trinidad and Tobago.

She assists smaller and new fashion designers to become a part of, and develop the fashion industry as she noticed that many designers didn’t fully understand the workings of a sustainable and marketable fashion brand. Under the motto “Creating legacies through connectivity”, emerging fashion designers are taught topics like branding, social media strategies and developing business strategy, through interactive workshops. Her clients’ designs have been showcased at fashion events in Barbados, Guyana, St Vincent, Jamaica and the USA. She is proud of the overall growth in the local fashion industry as fashion events have evolved to be a year-round product while support has expanded to include local entertainers and state agencies like FashionTT.

In 2018, she was invited to conduct branding workshops at the Caribbean Style, Culture Awards and Fashion Showcase hosted in Washington DC. Meeting a Guyanese designer at the event, she was invited to Guyana and spoke at a 2019 leadership conference - Empowering to Lead with Confidence for students. Her work was also highlighted and promoted by Rare Bird, a UK-based blog with a focus on marketing. She plans to expand her fashion vision for Trinidad and Tobago by hosting more workshops and outdoor events under the Fashion Arch brand and also has plans to work on a West Indian fashion/textile expo and establish a virtual showroom.

She also founded Bald Beauty in 2018 which focuses on empowerment, awareness, advocacy and support for those women with alopecia, to highlight that hair is a part of you, but doesn’t define you. She uses examples like her success in fashion and recent marriage to show others with the condition that losing one’s hair is nothing else but another obstacle to overcome. She spreads the message that beauty has no boundaries, and that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way.

Edited from April 12, 2020 Newsday – Tyrell Gittens  


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