Alumni and the Triple A Plan: How you can be involved in the UWI’s Triple A Strategic Plan as a graduate

Alumni and the Triple A Plan: How you can be involved in the UWI’s Triple A Strategic Plan as a graduate

We wish graduates to know HOW they can be INTEGRALLY ENGAGED and participate in this strategic process. The Triple A plan has three main headings under which alumni may be engaged and involved in the life of their campus and university. Here are just some examples of how you can participate:

    1. AC1 – To be a university for all
      Alumni are encouraged to pursue post-graduate degrees, professional and continuing education courses at the UWI and to “recruit” new students by promoting their alma mater to potential students in their circles of influence.
    2. AC3- Improving the quality of teaching, learning and student development
      Alumni may improve the quality of Teaching and Learning by volunteering as guest lecturers, by sharing real world experiences and advice and cutting edge trends with current students at both the undergraduate and post graduate levels. The Director of Alumni Relations requested that each lecturer across the UWI invite a minimum of one graduate back for 30 minutes (15 presentation/15 Q&A) per semester to share and bring direct real world relevancy into the classroom. This has been approved by OBUS (UF&GPC 2017) and will assist in the tracking and measurement of alumni engagement. Additionally, alumni may offer to train students in the soft skills (dining etiquette, protocol, how to make small talk or network, conflict resolution etc.). Arrangements will be facilitated by the Campus Alumni officers.
    1. AL2 – Increase and improve academic/industry research partnerships
      Alumni may through their networks and circles of influence pave the way or lobby for the UWI. They may bring new business to the UWI.
    1. AG1- Establish a physical presence of The UWI on all continents
      Alumni may support the UWI as it spreads its footprints to new continents, by introducing Executives to people of influence, hosting coffee meetings, small dinners etc. or by promoting the programmes to their networks.


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