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Alumni Engagement Programme to Begin this Month!

Alumni Engagement Programme to Begin this Month!

This programme will allow each lecturer, every semester, to expose their students to at least ONE graduate in the field who can share work experience, trends or cutting edge discoveries in the field, ways to overcome challenges, articles/websites to follow or useful organizations to join and more. This Alumni Relations Engagement programme supports the Triple A Strategic Plan, as Faculty Deans have been asked to expose students to the world of work and that therefore the AEP fits into this larger initiative.

Some lecturers already invite graduates back to interact with and impart knowledge. Going forward this participation will become structured as it is tracked through the Alumni Engagement Programme. Experienced graduates (3 to 5 years) will be invited in by lecturers at an appropriate point of the curriculum, based on their individual course plans. They will impart valuable information related to a particular part of the curriculum being taught and will field questions. Lecturers will complete a short online form so that this information, which is important for both Accreditation and Rankings, can henceforth be tracked regionally across the institution in a structured way.


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