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The Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) – Podcast

The Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) – Podcast

Caribbean tourism and COVID-19 - Coping with the stress of working from home during the crisis. Dr. Katija Khan, a clinical psychologist at the University of the West Indies St. Augustine, and a member of the UWI COVID-19 task force, shares some extremely helpful recommendations on hope to cope. Listen by clicking on: https://bit.ly/34MKiPN. It’s also on Facebook at https://bit.ly/3ex8QRx.

Dr. Khan touched on issues that connect work, mental health and the coronavirus crisis. She linked this to stress (the leading pathway to mental health problems at work), boundaries, mental flexibility, substance use, communication , support from supervisors, exercise and more. Also click here: https://anchor.fm/onecaribbean/episodes/COVID-19--The-unwanted-visitor--...


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