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Happy New Year as UWI celebrates its 70th!

Happy New Year as UWI celebrates its 70th!

Anguilla alumni came together to mark the 70th at Church

Alumni all over the globe started celebrating the70th Anniversary of their University in January 2018. Alumni in Trinidad and Tobago got together and supported the UWI Fete, in Washington DC they gathered to socialize and spread Pelican and Caribbean Pride and in Anguilla, Jamaica and Belize they celebrated first in Church and then with camaraderie and “eats”.

Washington DC.

A large group of UWI alumni, friends and family came together at McGinty's Pub, in Silver Springs Maryland on Saturday, January 20, 2018 to celebrate UWI’s 70 th Anniversary. President Barbara Brissett and former President Peter Edwards were pleased to see a heavy Mona contingent long with folks from Cave Hill and St Augustine. Caribbean and Pelican Pride abounded and Caribbean bonds were strengthened.


The University Chapel came alive on January 7, 2018 as alumni, faculty and staff of the institution gathered to celebrate the start of the UWI’s 70 th Anniversary year. The UWIAA Jamaica Chapter President, Jacqueline Sharp and the UWIAA Toronto Chapter Co-Chair Michael Henville, pictured above, were some of many alumni who came out to recognize their Alma Mater. The UWI Medical Alumni President, Professor Howard Spencer also attended the inter-faith service. The Rt. Rev. Dr. Howard Gregory, Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands noted in his sermon that The UWI has made the greatest contribution to Caribbean development and integration. He also endorsed The UWI’s current strategic plan which is inherently rooted in the concepts of community economic development, social justice and culture. 


Even though still recovering from the devastating hurricane of 2017, UWI Anguilla Alumni were out on Sunday, Jan 21, 2018 at the Church of God (Holiness) in Pope Hill to mark the beginning of the University’s 70 th Anniversary year by celebrating together. In attendance were staff of the UWI Open Campus, Guild Executive, UWI Open Campus students, UWIAA Executive and other alumni and faculty. The UWIAA Anguilla Chapter President, Mr. Stanley E. Reid, LLB (Hons), LEC, LLM, MSc, also read a lesson to underscore the engagement and pride of graduates, as they came together.


Alumni in Belize came together to celebrate the 70th at church. Staff, students and alumni, including now University of Belize President and former UWI St. Augustine PVC and Principal Clement Sankat, enjoyed the camaraderie and Pelican Pride experienced and shared in some delicious fare after the service. 


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