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Tribute to Dr. Keith Archibald

Tribute to Dr. Keith Archibald

“A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again” (Maya Angelou). Dr. Keith Archibald was indeed a great soul. His journey with The University of the West Indies spanned several decades and included inter alia the titles of Lecturer, Warden, alumnus, colleague and friend.

His commitment to ‘the light rising from the west’ was evident not only in his work but permeated his spirit in a way that made conversations with him effortless, encouraging and inspiring. In his more recent years, he continued to share the legacy of knowledge and learning that he brought with him not only in reviewing graduate studies theses and editing journals but also in quiet conversation on current events that shape the regional higher education landscape. Dr. Archibald’s service was so genuine and natural that he was completely taken by surprise when he received The UWI Alumni Association St. Kitts & Nevis Chapter Pelican Award in 2019; bestowed by his fellow graduates to show their admiration for his contributions and achievements. With a look of surprise during the reception he said quietly ‘but I thought you gave these to important people’. That was another of his gifts – the humility that he brought to his life’s work.

The great soul of Dr. Keith Alexis Eustace Archibald will bring us together again and again: those who studied agriculture with him from 1956-1970; those who learnt from him in the Department of Livestock Sciences from 1967 – 1985; those who lived under his care on Milner Hall from 1975-1985 and those who enjoyed his company as an alumnus up until 2021. This is the legacy of a man who loved his region and whose work has left a mark on so many of its citizens and residents that it will live on for generations still to come. We are eternally grateful for his contribution and his camaraderie. We extend sincere condolences to his loving children and grandchildren and extend gratitude for sharing him with us for so many decades of his life.

Written by Dr. Susan Sarah Owen on behalf of the UWI Campus St. Kitts and Nevis


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