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UWI Alumna Dianne Young & Weill Cornell Medical College

UWI Alumna Dianne Young & Weill Cornell Medical College

Dianne E. Young graduated from UWI in St. Augustine campus in 1985 with a BA in Spanish and Social Sciences. She has warm memories of studying at the library and Language Department and Arts Building. She  participated in drama, dance and the Parang group. As a language student she traveled with a professor Sylvia Moody and a group of language students to immerse in the culture  of Panama and Costa Rica. She completed a Master’s degree also from Hunter College and  was offered a full time position at one of the Ivy League Universities in the USA. She has represented it and served as Moderator to the American Public Health Association; and has also served in various capacities as Board Member of Food and Nutrition agencies in New York.

Dianne has been responsible for almost 20 years for the visiting International Students Programme at Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC), which is regarded as one of the best for international medical students to obtain exposure to world-class medical care through participation in clinical electives at Weill Cornell Medicine. Visiting international medical students in their final year attending universities outside the United States and Canada are welcome to apply. She has enjoyed working alongside many colleagues in various departments and foreign affiliates from Asia, Europe and South America. At her 10 year anniversary Dianne offered a scholarship to a student from her alma mater UWI to a student who was interested in Pediatrics and Obstetrics. The student chosen was the daughter of a High School classmate from Tunapuna Secondary School.

A few medical students, four from Mt. Hope Medical, have participated in the elective program at WCMC over the years, who all had family in New York, which also facilitates participation. The programme requires a high GPA as well as community involvement, which reduces the numbers of eligible applicants. She notes that one, Karinne Dookeram has remained in contact with her.

On average there are 150 students rotating per year and they come from over 40 countries. The leading countries with the most medical schools are from India, Germany and England. Students arrive with Visitor’s visa for short term study. Students  in the final year of medical school in an international medical  degree program apply via the website https://international.weill.cornell.edu

Communication via email, telephone and skype were the main channels for guidance and support during the 6 month process of application, acceptance and orientation. Electives generally last 4 weeks and are offered  in various departments including Anesthesiology, Dermatology, Internal Medicine with specialties in Nephrology and Cardiology, Orthopedic Surgery, Neurosurgery and Urology. During the rotation students have the opportunity to meet at a social event and are encouraged to visit the tourist sites around the city of New York. Dianne on occasion has organized trips to Governor’s Island, Staten Island, Central Park, Snug Harbor and Historic Richmond Town in Staten Island. These events and occasions allow students to bond and get to know each other from different countries. Dianne notes with pleasure that the WCMC programme can actually claim to have at least 3 weddings after these electives mainly by German students!


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