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UWI grad expands women’s healthcare in Tobago

UWI grad expands women’s healthcare in Tobago

Dr Kizanne James-McCarthy (L) and Alison Hathaway

UWI Mona Alum Dr. Kizanne James-McCarthy expands women’s healthcare services in Trinidad and Tobago, with the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute of Population and Reproductive Health and Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Dr James-McCarthy as a student at UWI Mona was the recipient of the Award for Excellence in Leadership, Award for Outstanding Leadership, Premier Award for Excellence in Leadership and the President’s Award. She was also selected as one of 10 World Contraception Day Ambassadors and the competitive Women Deliver Young Leaders Program. She works as a physician in Global Health as a Reproductive Health Consultant.

She along with her project partner Nurse Practitioner Alison Hathaway (USA) implemented Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) as an alternative to Dilation and Sharp Curettage (D&C).

Women on the island of Tobago, through Scarborough General Hospital from March 2020, will be able to access a safer surgical procedure (MVA) to manage miscarriages. MVA is the procedure recommended by the World Health Organisation and the International Federation of Gynecologist and Obstetricians for miscarriage management; because of its better safety profile, its cheaper cost to healthcare systems (because it does not require general anesthesia) and higher patient satisfaction rate.

Training has been provided and equipment donated to support care on the island for at least a 3 year period, during which there will be close follow up. This initiative falls under the remit of the 120 Under 40 Global Family Planning Champions Fellowship and the Ingenuity Fund of which both Dr. James-McCarthy and NP Hathaway were winners. The 120 Under 40 comprises of 120 leaders from around the globe, selected over a 3 year period, under the age of 40 who have made significant contributions to the field of Family Planning.

Dr. Jose Rimon, Director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health shares:
“120 Under 40 Family Planning Champions and Ingenuity Fund winners – Alison Hathaway and Kizanne James, have found a way to “positively disrupt” women’s healthcare in Trinidad & Tobago. They are building partnerships with local stakeholders, providing training on miscarriage management and modern contraception methods, and working with medical staff to build the foundation for a system that can provide safer methods of care, higher patient satisfaction, and ultimately reduce maternal morbidity and mortality. This type of work is precisely what the Ingenuity Fund is all about, funding seemingly small actions that have the potential to create a ripple effect and spread across regions.”-

More info on Kizanne: - Kizanne James-McCarthy (MSc. MBBS. BSc.) is a multi-award-winning development specialist, Chevening Scholar, reproductive health consultant, and physician with a passion for global health. She has worked with numerous third-sector organizations within the global south, with a special focus on youth empowerment, women’s empowerment and health. She is one of 10 World Contraception Day Ambassadors, 120 Under 40 Global Family Planning Champion, and Women Deliver Alumna. She holds a masters degree with distinction from the University of Southampton U.K. in Health Leadership and Management. Her work has been mentioned in numerous local, regional and international newspapers and magazines including PSI Impact, FP2020 and Marie Claire UK.


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