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UWI Pelicans focus on Jamaica College

UWI Pelicans focus on Jamaica College

UWI Pelicans Hylton W. Dennis and Ian Andrews are not only proud alumni of The UWI, but also proud graduates of their High School Jamaica college and they have come together to produce Jamaica College: A Sugar Cane Planter’s Legacy 1721 – 2108.

The book is presently sold at Jamaica College and after the official launch on March 22, 2020 it will be in bookstores island-wide and in the region.

Hyton graduated with Honours, majoring in History and Heritage with a minor in International Relations.  He was commissioned by Jamaica College to write this history and partnered with Ian to execute this work. He is the owner of Descriptions Memory Press Limited and has authored six books.  Ian is an Honours graduate in Mass Communications and Social Sciences. He is a well know Television Sportscaster and Sports Administrator. This is his first book.


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