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UWI STAT Mona – New Ambassadors and Awards

UWI STAT Mona – New Ambassadors and Awards

The UWI STAT Mona Corps inducted 20 new Ambassadors and those from the Western Jamaica Campus (WJC) travelled up to participate in the Ceremony. The Director of the WJC, Dr. Patrick Prendergast attended this important occasion, as did the Director and Coordinator of the Vice Chancellor’s regional Ambassadorial Corps, Celia Davidson Francis. 

At the recent UWI Mona Campus Student Awards, the Mona UWI STAT Corps did very well, especially in the areas of Leadership and Service which are areas that they are groomed for:

2019 Awardees - Mona Campus 


Kadeem Campbell (Engineering)

Sashara Eccleston (Law)

Janoi Reid (Science and Technology)

Aston Harris (Science and Technology) 

Nicholas McIntyre (WJC)- Outstanding Performance in Culture

RoJay Leachman’s - Outstanding Performance in Service (UWI STAT and Actuarial Science)

Toni-Ann Myrie - Outstanding Performance in Service (UWISTAT)

Shamar Wedderburn- Outstanding Performance in Service (UWISTAT)

Naomi Naglen- Outstanding Performance in Leadership (UWISTAT)

Kadian McNeil- Outstanding Performance in Leadership (UWISTAT)

Ackime Saunders- Outstanding Performance in Service (WJC)

Justin Timothy-Frater -Outstanding Performance in Service (WJC)

Sashauna Williams - Outstanding Performance in Service (WJC)

Giselle Campbell- Excellence in Service (Rex Hall Committee), Excellence in Leadership (UWISTAT), Group Award for Excellence - Rex Breast Cancer Walk A Thon

Asha-Gaye Cowell- Excellence in Leadership, Premier Female Leadership Award 

** Shaneil Salmon- Nominee - Premier Female Service Award, Excellence in Leadership


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