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Guy Harvey

Guy Harvey is a UWI alumnus who spent his boyhood off the coast of Jamaica fishing with his family in a dugout canoe, where he became enamoured with fishing and all things marine related. He graduated with honors in marine biology from Aberdeen University in Scotland and returned home to Jamaica to get a doctoral degree in fisheries biology from The University of the West Indies (Mona).

He is well known as an ocean artist, scientist and conservationist and has established an ocean research institute at Nova Southeastern University. He is an avid conservationist and researcher and tries to continually educate the public as well as policy-makers. His research tracking Mako sharks in the western North Atlantic Ocean showed that more Mako sharks (which taste like swordfish) were being killed annually than previously thought. This knowledge highlights that the delicate ocean ecosystem people depend on for food is being upset and also threatening a multi-million eco-tourism industry. His research has caused regulations on how many people can catch to be revised downwards. He is proud to have contributed over a dozen conservation-oriented documentaries and supports fundraisers for environmental protection. Interestingly, he paints marine animals and birds, has resort and travel company promoting the Guy Harvey brand and has even painted the 1,200-foot-long hull of a Norwegian Cruise Line ship where his documentaries will be shown.

Source: Sarah Peter: Palm Beach Post 7/2/18 (Edited) 


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