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Let’s Harvest Memories in 2016

Let’s Harvest Memories in 2016

The To-Do list for 2016 is already stretching, but it’s clear that a major focus for the New Year must be to harvest memories, even as we engage with our various stakeholders. Now that the UWI is approaching its seventh decade, it is also in a period when there are fewer and fewer alumni and retirees from the pioneering years to help us fill gaps in the record.

We give grateful thanks to those who have shared memories with us in 2015. These have included men and women who spent part of their childhood on the founding Mona campus, and others who came as students or staff. Some have come in to be interviewed, or promised to interview others. Some have sent in narratives via email. A few have turned up with photos or other artifacts to add to our collection. Perhaps most engaging, for you who follow our blog, have been the Guest Bloggers who have offered their perspectives on particular events or issues. I hope that we can have many more of these in the future.
We are giving particular attention to the cohorts of the 1950s and 1960s, memory keepers whose numbers have dwindled. Our interest in the 1960’s is doubled because we will also continue to collaborate with the Social History Project of the UWI Mona’s Department of History & Archaeology in an occasional series on UWI & the 1960’s, which we launched in November 2015.
We welcome your thoughts; ideas; recollections!
We also wish you good health and fulfillment in 2016.
Please remember that we are closed until January 11 at which time we will resume our Lewis100 cameo exhibition along with our semi-permanent Origins exhibition.


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