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UWIAA Bahamas Chapter Souse-Out, Saturday, May 26 2018

UWIAA Bahamas Chapter Souse-Out, Saturday, May 26 2018

The Souse-Out held at the home of Acting President of the UWIAA Bahamas Chapter, Dr. Mortimer G. Moxey was a relaxed fun event which brought alumni and Friends of the UWI together to celebrate the UWI’s 70th Anniversary. Various types of delicious souse were served with fresh baked "johnny cake" and were enjoyed by all. Over 200 meals were served and even though there were heavy showers which lasted for hours, alumni stayed on at the home of Dr. Moxey talking, reminiscing and networking and enjoying each-others company for hours.

Dr Moxey acknowledged the many persons who came and who assisted especially the following:
Dr. Ketroya Oliver, member Recent Graduates and Students Subcomittee, Dr. Barbara Rodgers-Newbold - Head, Open Campus Country Site, Bahamas, Mrs. Troy Oliver, Secretary, UWIAA Bahamas Chapter, Mr. Audirio Sears, Chairman Recent Graduates and Students Subcommittee, Justice Rhonda Bain -Treasurer, Mrs. Sabrina Skinner- Acting Treasurer Mr. Ricardo "Chuck" Smith, Ms. Alexandria Johnson - former President of the Bahamian Students Association, Mona and Mr. Carl Smith, UWI alumnus and Bahamian Student Association student volunteer Ms. Kelseya Johnson.


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