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The UWIAA Welcomes Chancellor Bermudez

The UWIAA Welcomes Chancellor Bermudez

The UWI alumni were represented at the Chancellor’s Installation. Mr. Craig Tuckett, the UWIAA Council Representative (2017-2018) delivered the Greeting of behalf of the UWIAA at the Installation Ceremony.

Thank you, Master of Ceremonies. Please allow me to adopt the protocol so ably established, yet I wish to recognise the man of the hour, Mr. Robert Bermudez, our newest Chancellor of our University of the West Indies, His Excellency Anthony Carmona, President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. the Honourable Keith Rowley, Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, our esteemed Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, all Pro Vice Chancellors and Campus Principals, Mr. C. William Iton, University, National and Regional Cabinet Ministers and members of parliament, members of the diplomatic core, the media, specially invited guests, and of course my very special constituents who are all dear to our hearts, the Alumni of our beloved University of the West Indies, Good evening.

Chancellor Bermudez, it is with the greatest pleasure and immense Pelican Pride that I bring Greetings on behalf of the University of the West Indies Alumni Association on this very auspicious occasion. We, the UWI Alumni worldwide, celebrate this momentous historic step in your life, not only as the 6th Chancellor of our beloved University, but most importantly for us, as this ceremony recognises you as the new Head of our University’s Alumni Association.

We, the proud sons and daughters of this our “Illustrious Illuminous Western Light”, are ecstatic to have you as our newest Chancellor following in the great footstep of your predecessors. You have been selected, not only because of your evident reputation of supreme business acumen and astuteness, but more so, because of your high moral compass and esteem character traits of being fair, caring, considerate and a true lover of our Caribbean Region, Culture and Peoples. We are confident that we will benefit from your vast experience, intimate knowledge and grasp of the current economic, financial and business realities in which our University must compete, survive and thrive within, regionally and internationally. We also believe that you will endeavour to work closely with the University of the West Indies’ Executive Management Team to guide this institution through these extremely challenging times while identifying and taking advantage of the many opportunities present.

We have an unwavering faith that you will be a major catalyst and contributor to the continued development of our beloved University, to continue fulfilling its Mission of advancing education and creating knowledge through excellence in teaching, research, innovation, public service, intellectual leadership and outreach, to support the inclusive development of the Caribbean region and beyond.

We will be relying on you, heavily might I add, to constantly and consistently champion the cause of our UWI Alumni Relations, to ensure that our Alumni is viewed as an integral and vital part of the UWI family.

We also encourage you to engage our graduates to contribute and play a vital, vibrant and major role in the life our University within its four campuses as marketers, recruiters, guest speakers, mentors and e-mentors, sponsors, donors and advocates. Just Like Me!!! (pause and smile!!!). Yet, not just only like me of course right here at this moment in time, but just like the many countless others who are already doing so much for our Alma mater, without any recognition or fanfare.

We are depending on you Chancellor Bermudez, for your unfailing support, encouragement, expertise and advice. We know that you will take your new statutory role very seriously, not only to our University, but also to our Alumni Association, as you lead by example.

We also look forward to your presence, for the first time, chairing our annual meeting of the Central Executive Committee of the UWI Alumni Association, and by your presence, ensuring that the contributions of our Alumni are recognized, valued and recorded into the annals of history for posterity. We are confident that you will provide the necessary support and continued engagement of Alumni Relations, as a key strategic component leading towards the overall success of The University of the West Indies.

And so, on behalf of Mrs Celia Davidson-Francis, Director of Alumni Relations within the Office of the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Carmen Nicholas, UWI Alumnus Representative, myself as UWI Alumni Council Representative, and all my other colleague Presidents and Contacts of the UWI Alumni Association Chapters throughout the archipelago; from the Bahamas and Belize in the north, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis and St. Lucia in the centre, reaching down to Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago in the south. As well as our International Chapters in Hong Kong, Canada, Jakarta and Florida, and all the Campus Alumni Officers to many to be mentioned, we all take this opportunity to congratulate you on attaining the highest office within our University, and we welcome you to join us, putting your hands to the proverbial plough, never again looking back, giving your leadership and your unswerving commitment to our Alma Mater.

We wish you to know that we, the leaders of the UWI Alumni Associations and Chapters, are equally committed to Alumni Relations and our beloved University and so we wish for you every success as you also take on the position not only as Chancellor, but also as Head of the UWI Alumni Association, as set out in our University’s Charter. We look forward to working with you, for together we will build “One UWI, One Alumni Family”, ensuring that we continue to be that Illustrious Illuminous Light Ever Rising from the West!!!”.

Congratulations Chancellor Bermudez from me and on behalf of all our UWI Alumni worldwide.

And now, may I ask each and everyone here to join me in a hearty round of applause for our newly appointed and now installed, 6th Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, our very own, Mr. Robert Bermudez. I Thank YOU!!!


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