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UWI launches its virtual library

UWI launches its virtual library

{gallery}http://www.flickr.com/photos/theuwi/sets/72157627709383703/{/gallery} The University of the West Indies (UWI) made a giant leap toward open access of UWI’s extensive information resources when it launched their new single virtual university library space on Tuesday, October 4, 2011.

The new UWI Libraries’ Information Connexion (UWIlinC) knowledge portal provides instantaneous access to a range of library material including digitized print, audio, video and images from all the libraries across all four UWI campuses via a single web space. For UWI staff and students, UWIlinC consolidates disparate collections into one system and allows for unrestricted access to the vast store of local and remote information resources held within The UWI network of campus libraries. For external parties, the new UWIlinC portal opens a window to UWI’s extensive range of unique Caribbean and scholarly resources, some of which will be available upon request.

In commenting on this landmark project which was five years in the making, University and Campus Librarian, Ms. Jennifer Joseph, underscored that “the creation of this new virtual library platform reaffirms UWI’s commitment to being a University that is deeply rooted in the Caribbean and an internationally recognised centre of excellence on matters related to our Caribbean region.” She emphasised that UWIlinC is a direct response to the University Libraries’ need, in the face of a rapidly expanding universe of online information, to provide new tools to help people find information in a manner that incorporates both immediacy and relevance. “The continuing revolution in information, computer and telecommunication technologies and the challenge of delivering service across geographically dispersed locations provided the impetus for the this initiative, which serves not just The UWI community, but our regional and international communities as well.”


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