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CULTURAMA 50: 'Ceremonial Banner Painting & Bonfire Lyme'


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October 23, 2015 - 7:00pm

October 23-28, 2015
BCD Quadrangle, Irvine Hall
The University of the West Indies, Mona
“'Unmasking Caribbean Creativity…Unlocking Economic Potential”
This year, we aim to take you further than simply a celebration of Caribbean Culture. We challenge you to assess the value, to us Caribbean people, of our various talents and creative expression. In this digital /information age, where cultures are easily shared and cross fertilized, what products of ours could we lucratively share with the rest of the world in this time of attention to the Cultural and Creative Industries?
“'Unmasking Caribbean Creativity…Unlocking Economic Potential”; we believe that a critical  aspect of the cultural festival’s objective, ought to be highlighting the potential profit and market value of the products of our creative imagination as Caribbean people. How could these be focused into making a way of life for ourselves outside of the “traditional” career paths that have not served us all well?
Traditionally we reflect on the Past, celebrate the Present but also point to the Future. The Cultural and Creative industries represent the present and future of culture in the region, particularly in the context of sustainable development and its continued relevance to the economies of the region. Culture and creative industries ought to be seen as our new oil or bauxite and we therefore ought not to discuss or celebrate the cultural resources of the region without discussing and assessing its economic significance and potential.

October 23 - Ceremonial Banner Painting & Bonfire Lyme

 October 24 - Opening Ceremony and Island Booth Competition

October 25 - Miss Island Queen and Inter-block Display Competition

October 26 - Battle of the Vocals/Voices (Inter-hall and Inter-block Song Competitions)

October 27 - Inter Block Costume Show and Inter-hall Dance Off

October 28 - Inter Hall Cook-Off and Kulcha Fest (Musical Concert)
 Each competition event in the performing arts will be interspersed with guest performances

BCD Quadrangle, Irvine Hall The University of the West Indies, Mona

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Target Audience: 

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