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Medical Sciences Class of 2019 Annual Benefit Play 'Smoker' - 'Perfiction: An Affliction of Affection'


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September 13, 2016 (Time To Be Announced) - September 18, 2016 (Time To Be Announced)

The University of the West Indies (UWI) Medical Class of 2019 will be producing the annual benefit play, ‘Smoker’, from September 13-18, 2016 at the Phillip Sherlock Centre for Creative Arts (UWI Mona Campus). This year's production is entitled ' Perfiction : An Affliction of Affection'. The Smoker theatre production is a 60-year tradition of the UWI Medical Faculty that is entirely written, directed, produced and will be performed for a total of seven (7) shows by the Medical Class of 2019. The Smoker initiative not only focuses on contributing to the Jamaican health care sector but also on instilling the importance of volunteerism in future medical professionals.
This year, proceeds from the Smoker initiative will be donated to the Black River Public General Hospital which serves over 600,000 persons in the parishes of St. Elizabeth, St. James, Westmoreland and Manchester. This underequipped public hospital is in dire need of medical supplies and equipment such as incubators, pulse oximeters and an anaesthesia machine which is needed in order to re-open and operate its second operating theatre. A portion of the proceeds is also donated to other organizations such as School for the Blind, the Department of Community Health and Psychiatry (UWI), & the Kevin Wilson Memorial Bursary.
 Please Download Flyer for show times and ticket prices. 

Phillip Sherlock Centre for Creative Arts

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